Eduardo Lopez

Eduardo Lopez: great contemporary artist

Eduardo Lopez left his homeland, Venezuela, more than 20 years ago wishing to try his luck in the United States as a professional of technology. After discovering that he had prostate cancer his life perspective changed and, holding paintbrushes and acrylic painting in his hands, he brought to live his inner artist.  

Eduardo is established in the south of Florida and exhibits his works in the art gallery Miami Wynwood Art District and in his social networks. 

Before being and artist, the Venezuelan had devoted himself to work in technology for more than 30 years. He remembers to have had a strong attraction for computers since he was 10 years old, to the extent that in 2000 he travelled to the United States with his wife and his little son to get a certificate in Microsoft Certified Enginer. After that, he obtained his American residence and then his citizenship.

His inclination for art was not inherited. On the contrary, it was laboriously developed after he discovered the serious health situation he was going through, and then faced it and overcame it with his family’s love and support. The 50 years-old artist says that he has started to see and appreciate life differently, as he considers himself to be a brave survivor.

At the beginning I was just experimenting with paintings, textures and techniques, having Youtube as my school, Eduardo says.

Eduardo Lopez
Eduardo Lopez, artista.

Earlier this year, when we had to reinvent ourselves and learn how to live together in our homes, his wife, Claudine Pérez, had the wise idea of giving him a painting kit that consisted of a painting easel, paintbrushes and paintings. This was very useful to boost his creativity and focus his attention in a different and defiant activity. 

The interaction with the environment, the solitude and the challenges of the everyday life became inspiration for the Venezuelan artist. His pieces, influenced by artists such as Pollock, Kooning and Basquiat, are recognized for being fun, dynamic and exhibiting vibrant colors.

Expressionism, abstract, surrealism, street art and pop art”

his works of art are enjoyable for they are spontaneous and for they display fluid strokes. Eduardo Lopez incorporates acrylic painting with coal and Sumi Japanese ink in his pieces.

I started to investigate and study art history, took a course at the Museum of Modern Art, MoMA, about abstract expressionism and studied some artist as Rothko, Kline and Newman. I saw them painting, I saw their techniques, I learned about their lives, struggles and triumphs in the crazy world of an artist, the contemporary artist says. 

In this sense, his trajectory has been a trip of struggles and acknowledgments. The father of two sons remembers one of the happiest and most incredible moments of his career, when he received a mail sent by an editor from Vanity Fair, United Kingdom, in which he said that he had started to follow him on Instagram, he loved his work and wanted to include him in a recurrent section of “artistic license”. 

“It was a brief biography and a little picture of one of my pieces, but I felt like it was the cover of the magazine and a five page- article!”

Here below, Eduardo Lopez will answer some questions to La Araque Dice about his art, his creative process, his projects, among other things. 

What would you say is the purpose of your works?

My work explores the relationship between the artist and the observer and reflects the current culture, inspired in different elements such as graffiti, street art, comic and literature. 

What motivates you to continue devoting yourself to art?

I fell in love with the creative process. It fills me with peace and balance in my life.

How is the creative process of an artist?

Those who have experimented any creative process know that it does not happen in a day. First, you are just experimenting, then you get inspired by other artists and styles and day by day you start adding your own interpretation, you find your materials and develop your techniques, until finally one day it happens, you just know it. You just find your own style, authenticity and do not remember exactly how it happened.  

How do you perceive the current situation of contemporary art?

The world of the contemporary art is full of great and talented artists. The social networks play a very important role in connecting us and encourage relations between artists all around the world. I could say that all artists share the same challenge: turn our art into our source of income, as the market is very complex and for those ones, like me, who are just starting, we depend on the trust and opportunities that we get from art galleries to share our works to the public. 

What projects do you have for the short- term and long- term?

I want to continue working hard, creating art and keep searching new ways to share it with the community, focusing myself on the artistic scene of South Florida, Miami. Also, I am very excited to be represented by Artfusion Galleries, in Wynwood and I feel very grateful with his director, William Braemer, who gave me the opportunity to expose my paintings in the next months during the Art Week, which will take place on the first week of December. 

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