Sagalu Fashion: Colombian brand with a mobile boutique.

Sagalu fashion is the name of a Colombian brand created by Monica Plazas and Alejandro Gonzales, which has positioned in Florida thanks to the quality of its products.

“Our love has always been adventurous. Many of the Sagalu´s Fashion ideas have been discovered in our trips”, says Alejandro, who was born in Medellin.

More than a couple, Monica Plazas and Alejandro Gonzales are partners. They are two entrepreneurs that arrived to the United States wishing to conquer the world and they have achieved it now with Sagalu Fashion. 

Since their first months as a couple they both knew that they were made for attaining great things together for, besides the joy and the deep love that they gave each other, the wish to undertake and build something of their own was always stronger, a feeling that they confirmed each time that they had a getaway trip.

Among the many things they had in common, both of them had professional experience with swimsuits, so this was a journey that they were prepared to follow. Living in Orlando- Florida and having the sensibility that characterizes every entrepreneur, they identified the necessity of a quality and accessible product for women. 

sagalu fashion

“We realized that with Sagalu Fashion we could offer swimsuits for every woman”, Monica Plazas adds. 

Having taken the decision and feeling enthusiastic about venturing to create an international brand, they travelled to Medellin- Colombia, in order to find the proper name, a factory and the best materials, designs and fabrics. 

Between various ideas, proposals and sketches, the name of Sagalu was inspired in their three daughters: Sarah, Gabriela and Luciana. As time goes by, the brand has been positioning in the market.

Sagalu fashion mobile boutique

Sagalu Swimwear Catalog

Get ready for the beach

The purpose of having a mobile boutique was always the main idea of Sagalu. Nevertheless, due to logistic and economic affairs, it was not easy at first. One day, according to Gonzalez, they ran into an old truck and decided to transform, adequate and provide it with the essence that each of their products transmitted. Moreover, they have expanded so that they do not sell only swimsuits, but also shoes and purses. 

This initiative, that definitely is not common, has been a success for its innovation, and it also has been a constant publicity and a practical tool that enables them to transport merchandise in a simple, fashionable and comfortable way. With its windows open and the beachy music playing, the mobile boutique goes around captivating looks all over the beach, in events and attracting personal calls from fashion fans. 

It is important to highlight that the emotional support from relatives and friends have been key elements for the couple to keep working in such a confident and passionate way. 

“Sagalu Fashion Mobile is an experience to share between friends. We go to the houses and offer wine and appetizers, while the clients try on the products in the mobile boutique.” 

Down below some questions that may help, motivate or inspire future entrepreneurs: 

How has been to work as a couple?

It has been a great advantage. We have known each other very well and learned how to coordinate. Undertaking a business as a couple helps to strengthen both the relationship and the home, as long as you have the same goal: moving forward.

What have made that Sagalu is positioning in the market?

The fact that these are Colombian swimsuits is valued. 90% of people have realized that they are quality products. We have focused very much on fabric and details and it immediately motivate people to refer us. 

What to do when facing inspirational blocks?

Going back to the basics. In our case it means travelling and having experiences, seeing what is being used in other places and filling us with colors, sensations and cultures. 

“More than working for a brand, we are working for the name: that is to say, the reputation of the products”. 

As a couple, what has entrepreneurship taught you?

It has made us dream, grow together as a couple and, over all, it has taught us to be patient and perseverant.

Any advice for couples that would like to undertake a business in the future?

Learn how to know each other. It will be many moments of disagreements but the important thing is to find a middle point. And, finally, always take into account the other’s opinion. 

Do you have any short- term and long- term projects?

The new collection will arrive at mid-March! Its name is Nirvana Collection, and it means happiness. In the long run we will have two new products, including swim cover ups among them. 

Translated by Laura Unás Betancourt


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