Theme dresser

Theme Dresser: Hand-painted hat boutique

Cecie Gonzalez is the woman who invites women to transform their personalities and express some mystery through hats. She believes that Miami is the perfect city to innovate, create styles and continue growing in this industry.

Since she was a little girl, she used to differentiate herself from the other girls, thanks to her sensibility for fashion and her unique style choosing the perfect outfit for each occasion. She remembers that her sisters used to laugh at her when they went to the zoo, as Cecie would dress according to the moment, with animal print clothes or accessories.

I have always been a fashion lover. I started uploading pictures of my outfit in social networks and, when I realized that women were thrilled, I decided to start my own line”, says the 38 year-old woman. 

Theme Dresser

What started as a dream in her house’s living room, ended up becoming her project and lifestyle. In 2018 Gonzalez created her own boutique, Theme Dresser. Today, she has a physical store located in the south of Florida which, day by day, has turned into one of the few Boutiques specialized in hats and hand- painted accessories.

We have exclusive designs made by new and emergent designers, only available at ‘Theme Dresser”.

What does hats represent for Cecie Gonzalez? 

For me, each of them represents the role we have as women throughout the day and life itself: as mothers, daughters, wives, entrepreneurs…

Dreamer, passionate, mother, entrepreneur and fearless. She loves hand-crafted fashion and trips. Cecie Gonzalez, a daughter of Cuban parents, knows well her life´s purpose: inspire happiness and bring out the best qualities of each woman.

Since the moment you walk across the Theme Dresser’s door you can feel the exclusive and deeply feminine air, as every detail is perfectly considered, from decoration to music, as well as the specially designed cards for each season and the personalized and dedicated attention offered to each client.

Theme Dresser is the result of many artisan women’s hard work, as well as my passions and the places I have visited”, highlights Cecie, who is the oldest of four siblings”.

What do you think that has been the key for achieving what Theme Dresser is nowadays?

First, creating relations with people that teach you and inspire you. Everything else comes about. Today I count on the support of women, mothers and designers from different countries. On the other hand, I am always active in social networks, looking, creating and trying to keep up with the trends.

How did you materialize the concept of Theme Dresser? 

I wanted a modern brand that allowed me to renew colors with each season of the year. In summer, for example, we use electric colors and more neutral colors in fall, such as black, white and nude.

How important was your family’s role when you started your entrepreneurship?

Vital. They have patiently believed in me and in my idea. For every entrepreneur it is necessary to rely on the support of their loved ones as a motivation to achieve their dreams.

If you could give a message for all the women, which would it be?

It is never too late to make your dreams come true, it just demands work and dedication. It
is true that it might be days in which you will doubt about your abilities, but do not give up;
you are tough and much stronger than your fears.

Translated by Laura Unás

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